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i was gagging so hard yday b/c my colleague’s phone decided to mess up and then i thought “heck i will try fix this”

but when i picked up the receiver i noticed crumbs… everywhere… food crumbs all over and around the phone

he eats at his desk constantly and wow the dirt 

the dirt was everywhere 

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“I’d rather spend two days with my soulmate than the rest of my life with some guy who doesn’t mean as much.”
Britney Spears 

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  • he has the worst laugh ever
  • he acts like a patronising little shit
  • he creeps me the fuck out
  • he’s 100% lazy 
  • he thinks he’s invisible b/c a bunch of women casually flirt with him on the phone (oh god if only they could see his face) 
  • he constantly hums and then hums some more
  • he prints off all his god damn e-mails (there’s honestly no need whatsoever) 
  • he has about 2 breaks an hour 
  • he talks about his fiancee like she’s a piece of dirt (actually surprised he’s not a 32-year-old virgin my god) 
  • he got mad at me when i told him he was not a victim of racism (he’s a white irish boy that got mocked for his accent in england boo fucking hoo) 

oh fuck i have so much hate inside me i swear there’s so many reasons 

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